A quality focused and self-motivated artist who is passionate about creating compelling illustrations, efficient problem solving through effective design and building upon the principles of good design. Delivers clients needs and exceeds client requirements, while quickly adapting to changing priorities. A collaborative individual who consistently leverages technical skill in order to capably manage complex projects from conception to implementation.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Illustration
Graphic Design
User Interface Design
Traditional Art

Game Design
Character Design
Concept Art
Animation/Video Production


Staples Canada - Mississauga                                                         2018-Present

Canada's largest office supply retailer for over 20 years. Featuring products and services for businesses of all sizes, and with over 330 locations spanning across Canada.

Online Graphic Design Consultant

Designed a wide variety of digital and print items for individuals and businesses; ranging from business cards, logos, banners, and flyers. Consulted with customers directly by way of an interactive video kiosk in every store or through the Staples Copy & Print website, as well as by phone and e-mail.

  • Consulted with clients on a variety of projects ranging from small to large in scope; including logos, flyers, banners and unique marketing materials

  • Through practice and offline study, quickly became proficient with industry-standard vector design programs and Staples' print materials and products

  • Carefully managed time to handle multiple projects at once, prioritizing time-sensitive orders and following-up with customers through e-mail

Electronic Arts Mobile - Kitchener                                                         2013-2016

A Kitchener, Ontario based company with approximately 45 employees specializing in Mobile and Facebook game development. A leader in the mobile game market, with popular games such as Scrabble, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Minions Paradise and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Associate Artist

Reported directly to the producer. Accountable for the design and optimization of game-ready user interface assets for Scrabble on iOS, Android and Facebook platforms. Collaborated with game designers and engineers to create concepts for current and future projects.

  • Independently developed new and innovative level-progression model for a popular EA mobile title; helped to drive the visual and overall design, as well as helped the development team visualize the ultimate goal for the project

  • Collaborated with engineers on several internal projects to pitch to studio management; recognized for exemplary efforts by studio vice president, who highly recommended development on the project continue

  • Constructed exciting promotional and Facebook content for Scrabble to help increase brand awareness in younger target demographic; authored captivating slogan and icon for Speed Play mode that was used in all promotional material

Freelance Artist                                                         2011-Present

Worked remotely within Ontario to complete a number of commissioned projects such as PC and Mobile games, for several independent game developers in North America.

Digital Artist (Independent Developer)

Designed the user interface experience and assets for anagram-based word game for PC. Worked closely with development team to optimize art assets and to help guide the visual style of the game.

  • Designed the unique visual theme of the game in conjunction with the game designer; created a multitude of appealing menus, buttons, icons, logos, as well as backgrounds to fit the style and theme

  • Researched images of libraries, books and other small items in order to develop the setting of game; utilized reference to create compelling art assets based on real-world items, with a stylized look

  • Supported development team with many edits and iterations when scope of the project increased; completed all art assets requested within a timely manner to their specification

Lead Artist (Phoenix Networking Group)

Designed a range of user interface art assets for iOS game “Centripetal”. Created additional promotional and graphic design materials to support Centripetal on the App Store.

  • Collaborated with designer Lynn Pye to establish visual design for Centripetal; rated highly on, saying “Centripetal is a difficult, but very addicting maze game with a tetherball twist.”

  • Conducted search for reference images and inspiration for visual theme; analyzed and developed 3 unique takes on based on research to present to the designer

  • Created modular game-ready art assets for use both on iPhone and iPad; keeping the consistency and quality between both versions, thus giving players the same experience on any device                                                                                       2011-2013

A San Francisco based industry and gaming enthusiast website covering news, reviews, technology previews and editorial pieces.

News Contributor

Composed posts for upcoming games, reviews; conducted interviews with developers. Reported on gaming events and new media releases for a variety of games, from AAA titles to independent games. Collaborated extensively with editors and news contributors in the timely release of new content.

  • Supported editorial team with Electronic Entertainment Expo news coverage for major press conferences, AAA releases and exciting independent titles through prompt and consistent blog posts; ensured readership were kept up-to-date on all the highlights of the week-long event

  • Analyzed and reviewed games both large and small, including downloadable content, in many varied genres; enabling readership to view the game from a different perspective and to help them make a more informed decision

  • Conducted interviews with small independent development teams; provided audience a glimpse of the daily life and complexities of a game developer


  • Complete Beginner’s Guide to Unity for Game Development Certificate - Unity Training Course - - 2015

  • Game Art and Design Diploma - Game Art and Design Program - The Art Institute of Toronto - 2006

  • 2D Art and Animation Diploma - 2D Art and Animation Program - The Art Institute of Toronto - 2006


  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

  • Adobe After Effects CS6

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6

  • 3DS Max 2012

  • Unity 5 Engine

  • Substance Painter

  • Spine

  • Sketch3

  • SpriterPro

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • InVision

  • Atlassian JIRA

  • Perforce